Early video efforts (Ife Tolentino) were done on my now ancient Sony SD video (hand held) and a Pentax Optio 30 (fixed shot) balanced on a table! There was hardly any light. I soon realised it was time to update the equipment, do this filming gig with a bit more dedication to results. On a moment of pure inspiration, I walked into a camera shop just as it was closing to browse and asked what was the best solution for inexpensive HD filming. I wanted a Canon 5D Mk II, but too expensive and risky to take that kit to gigs, and was looking at small HD cameras. He suggested a Canon 550D – which is a basic and well made mid range digital SLR with video capability.

It has become the main camera used on this site. Am thinking of a second camera (with tripod) for filler shot editing, but concentrating on single camera shots (usually hand held or with a monopod) to force me to learn more physical camera skills. In HD mode this is even more impossible.

A sound recorder

When videoing music, I have found that although the camera has excellent sound recording capabilities, it is not always very good because of audience noise! You can not ask the audience to be quiet, so am looking at sound recording devices to make better videos for this and other websites.

The ZOOM H4N looks excellent – with its own microphones and ability to accept input.

A less expensive option: Tascam Dp-004 4 Track Digital Portastudio

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