Well, if you do not charge me, I will not charge you.

I make co-productions with artists and then find ways in which to promote the works and sell them online for mutual long term benefit.

Optimum video production requires multiple cameras. We ask responsible citizens who protect a fixed camera point. Our team of one can capture a live show without exposing the band or artist to much cost, and by filming three to five gigs and then holding back material for careful editing and production to create long term assets as well as providing the useful life numbers released online.

A bands gigs are their history – some of this needs to be preserved and we are creating useful material that may make money in the long term.

A two camera shoot requires a little advance planning and venue cooperation. Recording sound is a bit tricky – and worth getting a multi track by slaving off the live channels as well as recording from the stage. The audience must be silent during recording. For this reason producing a gig for film may be considered.

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