Your work remains under your own copyright.

What this means is that if you no longer want it to appear on this site you control it (if you have an account) or simply request we replace it or remove it (and we will do so in due course).

Your work belongs to you

Your works must be original. If we are to feature videos of live music you warrant it is okay to publish a video of you singing it. This may mean you have asked for permission or paid. If this is not the case, and a documentary film is made, the non-original segments will not exceed 15 seconds, or they will be run for members only. Agreements for profitable use.

Your do not have to join this site

But you can, and if you do you can submit your own videos/galleries and promote your own gigs. We welcome user generated content.

If you invite me to video your gig please do send me an email with all the details including the time of a sound check (which we may attend for documentary filming).

Your use of material

You are most welcome to use any video clips on your own social networks or websites.

For maximum impact, any use of your video must have a link back to this site and a link back from this site to your use of the material should also be submitted to this site or posted (if you have joined).

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