Profitable agreement

We also like to collaborate with artists to produce longer format video of their gigs which are paid for downloadable material sold on a 50/50% basis (after promotional costs are allocated).

What is required

For a collaboration to work, two things must be combined:
a) great filming of one or two performances
b) a good desk recording of the sound

Promotional costs

We use google adwords, allocating a budget for a co-production in advance is paid for before the shared percentages are calculated.

Production costs

The band looks after its production costs. We look after the production costs of live video of your event.

Obviously to kick things off some advertising is required before sales will occur.


You must supply a set list in advance with authors of each song clearly marked (and highlight any covers you have obtained video performance rights to). You agree we have permission to film you, and must provide contact details for the venue owner or a letter granting permission to film on their premises.

We only video by arrangement. We may feature clips used in documentary footage for this or related websites. You retain full rights to your sound, and can supply replacement sound if you require it.


We maintain final edit rights to material filmed and will produce finished edited product usually via a video posting account on youtube or vimeo, and documented on this site.

We usually produce one free clip for the website, and that the band is free to use for promotional purposes. In addition we may find material we can co-produce with the band, as charged for downloaded video.

Not every live performance needs to be produced, but the once in a while gems certainly should be. Preserve the memory for the fans.

To start the process, fill in our Video Recording Agreement.

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