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Kaleida photographed at The Water Rats by Nicholas Alexander

4 Sept 2013

Series 1

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Rock and Roll and Blues roots traditions is not the typical format for a “girl band” these days. It is a refreshing change from the usual or expected TV fare of wannabe X-Factored fame hungry non art that passes for entertainment. As a follow-up to the recently published documentary video of Trixie Lectric here is a photo gallery of a live performance. Starting out as a “covers” band, and covering hits from the 60s to the 80s in a packed out Canterbury pub on a Monday night this impressive lineup delivered a gusty, entertaining gig.

On lead vocals Ella Morgan gave a confident performance (she also performs solo as a singer song writer). Holly Kinnear was outstanding on lead guitar ably supported by Liz Hayward on bass and Johanna Sarakinis on rhythm guitar while Lucy Foster gave a cracking drum performance.

Highly recommended. Based in Kent, performing around the South East of England.

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